Philips MyRemote 3.30

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Philips MyRemote

Control your connected Philips Smart LED TV, Blu-ray player, Home theater and Streamium products with one single app. The Philips MyRemote offers a wide variety of control buttons to replace the by-packed remote control. Simply connect all your Philips products to the same network and select the device you want to control. Additional features like easy text entry and pushing pictures to your TV really turns your smartphone into an easy to use remote control.

The application is compatible with the following Philips products:

- All Net TV enabled Philips televisions*.
- SoundHub home theaters: HTS3261#, HTS3271#, HTS4282#, HTS7201#, HTS7202#, HTS9221, HTS9241#.
- Immersive Sound home theaters: HTS4561, HTS4562, HTS5561, HTS5562, HTS5581#, HTS5582#, HTS5591, HTS5592, HTS8562#.
- Home Media Player: HMP5000#, HMP7000#,
Blu-ray players: BDP5200, BDP7600#, DBD8010,
Streamium networked audio: WMS8080*, MCi8080*, MCi900**, NP3500#, NP3700*, NP3900#, NP3300#

- The products mentioned with a * sign need to be upgraded with the latest software
- The products with the ** sign need to be upgraded with the latest software which will be released by Sept 2011.
- The products with the # signs are scheduled to be released in the upcoming months and need to be upgraded with the latest software.

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